Stack - opponent is on his back with both arms pinned behind his back.
Double Chicken Wing: both of opponents arms are being held behind his back.
Cradle - popular move for a pin. One arm and one leg on the same side of the body, are brought together as if opponent is being cradled.
Pin - One wrestler has both of his opponents shoulder blades touching the mat for two seconds. Also called ‘fall’.
Fireman Carry - one wrestler lifts his opponent by one arm and one leg and ‘gently’ place him back on the mat.
Half Nelson - is one using only one hand, by passing it under the arm of the opponent and locking the hand at the opponents neck.
Full Nelson - A hold which both the wrestlers arms are pressed under the opponents armpits and both hands are on the back of opponents head. IT’S AN ILLEGAL MOVE!!!
Sprawl- is performed by scooting the legs backwards, preventing a successful shot.
Cross Face - A hold in which the wrestlers forearm is pressed across the opponents face.
Control - A wrestler who has a dominant position that restricts the opponents mobility is said to be in control.
Ankle Pick - When a wrestler has one hand on the back of his opponents head and the other holding his opponents ankle.
High ‘C’ - Single leg takedown with head to outside.